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I just adore a freshly showered man, as when you see me, I will look and smell like…perfection. If you are visiting me, I will always have a shower available along with wonderfully clean and fresh towels. If I am visiting you, please shower within an hour of our date. :)


At present, I do not ask for them generally, but I may need them in certain circumstances like when on tour or doing incall. I just ask that you don’t take advantage of my sweet nature with regards to this. I really appreciate it!

Attire Request 

If you see something you like in my wardrobe, please ask! If I am coming to you, I may have to pack it and put it on for you when I see you so as to not draw too much attention going through the hotel lobby. Attire requests are such a joy for me as I so want to please you with my look! I love them!


 I have many options! Please pick just one of the below that works best for you. :)


TER and Private Delights


I ask for a reference from verifiable ladies with an online presence. You must have seen them fairly recently. Send me their name, website, twitter account (or her online ad(s) if she isn’t on twitter) along with their email address. 

 Contact me through those platforms, by Private Message (aka pm) on TER, or clicking on the "Get Screened" button on PD, then please mention you did so in your initial email or text to me so I can confirm receipt. :)

I can verify you through a combo of LinkedIn and a government issued ID (i.e. a passport or drivers license, you can blur all sensitive info) if you would like. 

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